Malabar, 2009
Short feature
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Director : Espen Vidar

Producer : Anders Tangen

Editor : Rodrigo Stoicheff

Sound engineer : Marius Berntzen

Composers : Magnus Murel & Joachim Knoph

Cello, end credits : Olav Stener Olsen

Actors : Julia Schacht, Viktoria Winge, Jarle Bernhoft a.o.

A Viafilm production

Coming soon on TV2

Evening turns into night and in the land of milk and honey, specifically downtown Oslo, the rats seep out.
While a cafe serves the "Today's Coffee" - Malabar, three young bullies cruise around in a van looking for even more spectacular slapping-recordings for their website. Live is chasing after money for drugs. Her asthmatic father's has his last day of work in the sewers. Khalid has changed his name and finally got a job - in the sewer. Christopher is thrown out of the hospital with "psychiatry" stamped on his forehead. And the barista, Kristina, finally decides to reveal her deepest secret before sailing around the world.
A multi-character film about vulnerability, bustle and violations.